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I truly believe that everyone has a story worth documenting. The twists, the turns, the everyday details. Life is full of wonder but it moves so quickly. Before you know it, you’re planning a wedding or moving to a new country. So let’s make time stand still. Let’s capture a page in the chapter you’re living now!

Together, we’ll create precious keepsakes for you and your loved ones to cherish forever. I’m all about fun, natural moments but every now and then, I’ll do a styled shoot. If that sounds like your cuppa tea, then please feel free to get in touch! I’m based in Hillcrest but love to travel.

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the bit about me

Home for me is sunny South Africa. I live in a cottage with my boyfriend, Jon who usually accompanies me on shoots. He’s tall and practical. I’m short and sentimental. Together, we make a great team! When I’m not taking pictures, I can be found curling up with a cuppa, snugging my dogs or re-arranging my shelves for the hundredth time.
My favourite show is The Office, I love alternative rock and I collect way too much stationery! For twelve years, I worked in advertising as a writer but in March of this year, I set out to follow my dream of becoming a photographer! You can read more about my story here, or read the journal here.